UMass Online Program Spotlight: Master’s in Applied Linguistics

The Program. The master’s program in applied linguistics through UMassOnline is created to enable students to understand difficulties within the study of a language to better prepare them to teach a language.  The program focuses on both theory and practice including psycholinguistics, ESL/EFL methodologies, and cross cultural studies.

What can you do with this degree? Students from this program can excel in many types of work such as working within schools both domestically and internationally, research work, and becoming involved in community-based organizations.

Upcoming Courses. Required courses being offered through UMassOnline this fall and spring include: Linguistics (AMPLING 601), Theories and Principles of Language Teaching (AMPLING 605), and Literacy & Culture (AMPLING 635). Previous teaching experience is not required for acceptance into this program.

Many of our graduates from this program go on to pursue doctoral work in literacy studies, education and linguistics. One of our current students is even studying in Bangladesh on a Boren Fellowship through February! Read more about Shawn Russell’s experience here.

To learn more about thia program and its requirements, please visit the Master's in Applied Linguistics program page.

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