UMass Online Program Spotlight: Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling

The Program. The Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling program has been designed to transform students into professional counseling practitioners. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for licensure though the MA Board of Allied Health Professions.

What can you do with this degree? Career titles go beyond “counselor” and narrow down into specific health tracks. If you are looking to improve the mental well-being of your patients, you can become a behavioral disorder counselor, mental health counselor, or therapist. Do you want to help those struggling with addiction? Becoming a substance abuse counselor gives you the opportunity to aid in patients’ rehabilitation efforts. If you are good at solving arguments and mending relationships, becoming a marriage and family therapist may be the position for you. Opportunities are endless in this exciting field.

Courses. Through UMass, this degree can be completed in 60 credits and meets the academic requirement for licensure in Massachusetts.Two weeks of on-campus study is required in the middle of July to complete two clinical studies, while the rest of the program is completed online. Some of the required courses being offered this semester include: Behavioral Counseling, Pharmacology, and Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Practice.

To learn more about the program and is requirements, please visit the Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling program page.

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