Ways to Bounce Back After Falling Behind in an Online Class

We are all guilty of falling behind during a class, even if it is just a little bit. When this happens, we can learn from it and remember the next assignment or exam is crucial to getting back on track. Remember these few tips if you find yourself in this position:

Review what you missed
The first step is to review the material that you missed. Revisit your lecture slides, the textbook, or watching a lecture you might have missed. But, remember to keep up with the current materials, too! Reviewing material in small, regular intervals helps combat this time management problem, and eventually you will be able to get yourself caught up.

Reach out to professor with questions
After reviewing the material missed, it is always good to reach out to your professor with any questions you might have. Although you might have the lecture to go through yourself, checking in with your professor periodically will only help! Remember, it is important to try to build that relationship!

Reach out to classmates
Turn to your fellow classmates who are willing to give valuable advice or insight. They could be in the same situation as you or have been in the past. This could lead to learning new study or management skills for the future!

Please feel free to share any other tips or suggestions that might have worked for you!

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