UMassOnline Meets Job Seekers In An Uncommon Way

This past Friday, UMassOnline had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 3rd Annual UnCommon Job Fair in Worcester, MA. The ‘UnCommon’ aspect is what made the event so unique. The job fair took the stuffiness out of job seeking by taking place outside on the Worcester Common. The change in atmosphere successfully improved engagement since it was a more casual and relaxed environment for attendees and employers alike to connect.

The job fair had close to 1,000 job seekers and about 85 different organizations in attendance. I personally had the chance to connect with hundreds of attendees throughout the day. Numerous relationships were built and countless assistance was provided on helping attendees explore how continuing their education online with UMass could help them reach their specific career goals.

We were happy to see many UMass alum’s in the crowd as well. Be sure to put it on your calendar next year!

Additionally, congratulations to Jamie Sweeney. She was the raffle winner of our UMassOnline Swag bag!


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