Taking Advantage of Adding or Dropping a Course

When building your schedule each semester you want to make sure you are taking the classes that are right for you. We realize that majority of the courses are required, but some of them offer flexibility as to when you can take them. With the deadline to register coming to a close this semester, add/drop is an option that some students are not aware of that they can use. There are many reasons why you may need to drop or add a course during the semester. But before you do, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Difficulty of a Class: It’s possible that a class you signed up for is too difficult. If that’s the case, you can easily drop a class online and sign up for a different class that is more your speed.
  2. Required Courses: Certain programs have required courses.  Should you find out that a course you are currently enrolled in does not meet the requirements to the program you are working towards, you might want to consider dropping the course and take another course that will allow you to graduate on time.
  3. Need of a Certain Class: Some classes are offered only during certain semesters. Be sure to consider this when planning out your schedule. It might be more beneficial for you to take a course that is offered more regularly next semester, so you can fit in one that is offered less frequently. Don’t fall behind in your degree!
  4. The Professor: Some classes are offered by multiple professors, and with each professor comes a unique teaching style. We know that everyone learns differently, so if you should find that you love the course you are taking, but the learning style it’s being taught in is making the course too challenging, you may want to consider taking this course with another professor.

We at UMass want to make sure your college experience the best it can be. The courses you take are important, so if it’s not the best fit, dropping the class and taking another course might just be your best option. Remember, the add/drop cut off date is coming soon. Inquire with your specific campus when the exact date is so you can make the changes you need in time. Best of luck this semester!

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