UMass Online Program Spotlight: Women's and Gender Studies Degree Completion Program

The Program. The completion program for Women’s and Gender Studies is offered as a fully online program through UMass Dartmouth. This program explores women’s experiences and studies women’s lives, history, and roles. Focusing on the importance of understanding human society to be able to make changes cross-culturally, this UMass degree allows students to understand gender, especially pertaining to the ways it is linked to race, class, and ethnicity.

What can you do with this degree? Many students with this degree go on to pursue careers within arts and business, as well as psychology and social services. There are also many opportunities for graduates in media, politics and law to make changes in the landscape of society.

Courses this semester.  Some examples of required courses for this program include: Introduction to WGS (WGS 101), Introduction to Feminist Theory (WGS 201), Gender and Occupation across Cultures (WGS 300/HST 389), Sex Workers, Nannies, and Maids (WGS 213), and Global Perspectives (WGS 208).

To learn more about the Women's and Gender Studies Degree Completion program, please visit.

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