Helpful Apps for Online Students

As opposed to traditional learning styles in a classroom when students are on campus, online classes offer a complete digital experience. Because of this, online students have different ways of embracing technology in their studies, especially when it comes to the use of apps. Here are some of our favorite apps that have helped students increase efficiency and productivity.

BlackBoard Learn: Blackboard Learn is a platform for students to access their course syllabus, class materials, and homework assignments. This tool helps students stay up-to-date with assignments and any new materials shared by professors. Additionally, it allows students access to discussion boards and other assignments quickly on their mobile device. We think it is great that you can be notified as soon as a graded assignment is posted!

Microsoft Office: The Microsoft Office apps bring all the benefits of the programs on a desktop to your phone. Students can write papers, create Powerpoints and construct spreadsheets from their phone or tablet. This gives students the freedom to do homework on the go, or make final touches to their work without a computer.

Study Tracker: Study Tracker is one of the more popular apps for time management. This app allows students to put together their homework, project, and study schedule for the whole semester.

FaceTime/Skype: Video chatting services like FaceTime and Skype allow students to connect virtually to work on projects together, rather than having to commute to meet and work on assignments.

Quizlet: When it comes time to study for midterms and finals it would be nice to have an app that keeps track of all the terms you will need to memorize for those tests. Quizlet is an electronic folder of flashcards that keeps them all in one organized location. Students can study on the go, or play games to help them learn the information quickly!

Today’s technology is constantly evolving so be sure to take advantage of various apps to increase your productivity and ace your classes.

Did we miss any? Let us know if there are any other apps that you recommend.

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