New Year Resolutions

As 2015 quickly comes to a close, self-delusion runs rampant while individuals pore over their life choices and decide which resolution they will make and subsequently break just days into the New Year. However, this annual tradition of failing to stand resolute in the face of temptation and difficulty does not need to continue. It is in fact possible to stick to your New Year’s resolutions by doing one simple thing: Be honest with yourself!

Do you want to lose weight?  Go back to school?  Quit smoking? Exercise more? Spend more time with loved ones?

Decide what matters to you and go for it.  Just make sure the goals you set are attainable. You don’t have to commit to climbing a mountain for the New Year. Perhaps just start with a hill and work your way up. Maybe, for some, it’s better to make a small goal and stick with it, than a HUGE goal you never achieve. Especially if your previous New Year’s Resolutions didn’t make it beyond the ball drop in Time Square!

What are your educational New Year’s resolutions? Share them in the comments section below.

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