Will My Credits Transfer From My Previous University To UMass?

One of the most common questions we are asked is... will my previous credits transfer? The credit transferring process does seem to vary in complexity and detail from school to school; but for UMass students, we have a convenient and flexible transferring process. As long as you earned your credits from an accredited university, they will transfer over to UMass. If you are unfamiliar with the transfer process, we have friendly and informed advisors available to answer any questions and/or concerns.

If you are considering transferring schools, get ahead of the game and apply for your transcript as soon as you can. Transcripts are required during the admissions process, so the sooner you obtain yours the better!

Likewise, in most cases, credits earned at UMass can also be transferred to other campuses, colleges, and universities. The transferability of the course is at the discretion of the accepting campus or school, but we will work with you to confirm approval of your credits to best ensure that all your credits transfer. 

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