National Distance Learning Week

In the wake of this week’s presidential election the majority of the American populace, regardless of their political affiliation, is simply happy that this long and exhausting election season is behind us. So in the spirit of moving forward, here is some non-political news to enjoy: it is National Distance Learning Week!  All week we have been celebrating students who benefit from the flexibility of online learning to receive a quality education and work towards their degree. Also during this week, all sectors within the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) are educating their constituents on the amazing growth in distance learning and showcasing their accomplishments.  

Never before has it been easier to pursue higher and ongoing education thanks to the myriad options available to those students that are unable to meet the scheduling restrictions of a traditional brick and mortar classroom. Those working a full time job, active duty members of the military and other non-traditional students now have access to high-quality educational offerings that allow them to further their careers and pursue their professional aspirations, all from the convenience of their laptop. 

Here at UMassOnline, we are proud to play a pivotal role in helping so many students achieve their educational goals and fit classes into their busy schedules. Our online student community is just as engaged and motivated for success as our traditional students, and the flexibility that UMassOnline provides helps them in their mission to switch careers, secure better-paying jobs and open to door to a community of learners and educators that offers endless networking opportunities.

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