Commonwealth Commitment: The “Best Deal in Massachusetts” for Higher Education

For students who do not think they have a chance of going to college due to high tuition costs, things are looking up! “Commonwealth Commitment” is an innovative new program that makes the dream of a college education a reality for thousands of would-be students.

Commonwealth Commitment offers full-time students from any of Massachusetts’ 15 community colleges a 10 percent rebate on their tuition and fees if they go on to earn a bachelor’s degree at a state university. Even better, through Commonwealth Commitment, the cost of tuition and fees would stay at the same price that they were when they first began the program.

To progress in the program, students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average, take no longer than 2 ½ years to earn an associates degree, and complete their bachelor’s degree in 4 ½ years or less. To earn the rebate, students must be enrolled in one of 24 targeted fields where there is a need for workforce development. For a list of these targeted fields and more details visit Commonwealth Commitment,.

UMass President Marty Meehan and Massachusetts Board of Higher Education Chairman Chris Gabrieli are both committed to making college more affordable and are pushing Commonwealth Commitment as an incentive for incoming students. Who wouldn’t want to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree for as low as $15,000?

Talking about Commonwealth Commitment in a recent interview, Gabrieli called it “the best deal in Massachusetts.”

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