UMass Amherst Hosts 22nd Annual Culinary Conference

Because of the dreaded "freshman 15," maintaining a healthy diet is a growing concern amongst college students.

Our flagship campus of Amherst has addressed this issue for more than 20 years by hosting an annual Culinary Conference where nutrition experts and premier chefs educate students on the best ways to stay healthy throughout their time on campus.

One main focus during the conference provides insight on the nutritional contents in the foods served on campus. UMass strives to create a culinary experience for students that encourages positive eating habits. The conference emphasizes that ‘good food’ is a source of energy, special components, anti-oxidants, and phytochemicals that can help transform our health. Food not only has a powerful effect on our health, but also our education, allowing our brains to work at peak efficiency.

Last week, UMass Amherst received an overwhelming number of attendees for this year’s conference which took place from June 5th-10th. Big thanks to the panel of more than 30 experts and chefs who spoke to the students at Amherst about the importance of health for now and their future!

Stay tuned for a recap of this year’s conference.

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