Elementary School Children Look to the Future of Higher Education

Here at UMass we like to hear stories about schools providing children with a path leading them to higher education. It’s essential for children to learn the importance of higher education at an early age to provide them with a head start. The Pitt County Schools of North Carolina will start a new program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). This program was originally geared towards high schoolers, but with the hard work of the school and Sugg-Bundy Elementary School in Farmville, NC will receive $500 to implement this program for all fourth graders in the coming weeks. The program teaches children about higher education early on and even includes field trips to local colleges and businesses. The hope is for students to start understanding the world outside of the classroom and apply their skills they have learned in the classroom in the “real world.”

This new program will be in addition to the 4th graders’ core curriculum In a time where much of the education discussion is centered around the cost to attend colleges and universities, this is a great way to help children understand the importance of education and even start thinking about affordable options like online education at an early age.

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