How Will Millennials Support Their Parents?

We recently wrote about millennials’ thoughts on education, and we can’t get enough of this energetic tech savvy demographic. But we still want to know, how do they feel about entering the work force? Recent studies have shown that millennials are nervous about their financial future. They are graduating with a pile of student debt, and entering the job force with lower salaries than their parents. All of this mixed with diminishing pensions and longer lifespans, contributes to concern among this young generation about their financial stability.


So what is a millennial to do? We have an answer! Online education is a great way to finish your degree without breaking the bank. Many institutions offer classes online however, UMass offers an unparalleled online education filled with quality and affordability. If you already have your degree, consider going back to school to further your expertise in your desired field. Gaining an additional degree in a specific field is attractive to employers who are looking for additional experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.


There are so many reasons to go back to school or finish your degree online. To millennials continuing their education online is like second nature, given their affinity for technology mixed with their drive to succeed. The combination of these two qualities leave us with no doubt that the millennial generation will find their way to care for not only themselves but their elderly parents.


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