Accessibility of Online Education for Students

Accessibility to education is a concept that continues to be challenged as policy makers and economists struggle to find a solution that provides affordable, quality education for all. In the 21st century economy a college degree is often synonymous to success, but many potential students are unable to take on the financial burden or the lack of flexibility of a traditional brick and mortar school.

The University of Massachusetts understands the need to respond to these barriers to education and created a robust online learning portal that allows students to create their own specialized path to receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It is imperative that these programs succeed in order to continue providing access and opportunities to students who otherwise would have limited options. UMassOnline helps these students achieve their goals.

However, as with any industry there is controversy regarding the extent of regulatory policies. Just last week there was criticism over whether or not New York State should regulate online colleges in the New York Times. Regardless of the stance, UMassOnline firmly believes that rules and regulations should be enforced to improve quality but not inhibit the accessibility of education.

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