Higher Education in 2017

We can’t believe another year has flown by as we enter 2017! Looking ahead, there are topics that we believe will be front and center in the coming year. Here are our predictions for higher education in 2017.


Online learning: We clearly see the importance of online learning and others are following suit! Higher education continues to become more expensive, but also remains necessary for many jobs and students need a non-traditional solution. Online education is a way for students to complete their education or obtain a higher degree without breaking the bank or their schedule. Additionally, online education is flexible giving those students who cannot attend traditional class times a way to continue their learning.


Customized learning: We believe you will be seeing more and more learning options customized for each student. With online education, it is easy to customize a learning plan for every individual based on their needs.


Better Technology: Expect to see more innovative technology integrated into online classes. As technology continues to progress you will find more video tutorials and interactive options in the course curriculum for 2017.


These are just a few of our predictions for the coming year. For more information about online classes or online degrees please visit: www.umassonline.net.


From all of us at UMassOnline, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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