Can Online Learning Help You Switch Careers?

According to a Harris survey, the vast majority of U.S. workers would change careers if they could. The survey reported 54 percent of those in their 40s, 64 percent of 30-somethings, and a staggering 80 percent of those in their 20s expressed the desire to switch careers. Only 14 percent of those surveyed thought they were in the “perfect job.”

If that’s the case, why don’t we see employees constantly career-hopping? If they aren’t happy, why do so many stay in career tracks they find unfulfilling? Chances are, time is a factor. Who has time to take classes and get the necessary certifications to embark on a new career path?

But online learning offers a solution. By taking classes online, you now have the flexibility necessary to pursue your goals on your schedule without worrying if you can make a particular class at a particular time. Responsibilities of your family and your current job can still be met while pursuing your dream.

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