About UMassOnline

The University of Massachusetts President and Board of Trustees created UMassOnline in 2001 to meet the online educational needs of people locally, nationally, and internationally by offering accredited educational programs via interactive, Internet-based learning systems.

With over 200 of the University's degrees and certificates now available online, and more than 4000 online courses offered annually, UMassOnline is proud to be helping busy professionals, lifelong learners, and students worldwide continue their education, enhance their careers, and enrich their lives no matter where they're located.

Get Your Online Degree or Certificate from a Distance Education Leader

UMassOnline is your entry into the University of Massachusetts' online courses, certificates, degree programs, and corporate/professional education opportunities. Recognized as one of the top universities in the United States, the University of Massachusetts has been a leader in distance education for over 25 years. Now you can leverage the power of the five-campus University by getting your UMass degree online.

UMassOnline IS UMASS:

UMassOnline students are UMass students and receive the same benefits as their on-campus peers:

  • An internationally recognized faculty, including winners of the world's most prestigious awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, National Book Award for Poetry, and the Draper Award in Engineering.
  • A fully accredited university with highly ranked schools and colleges.
  • A 330,000 alumni network, including successful, highly respected industry leaders, scientists, authors, astronauts, hi-tech entrepreneurs and entertainers.
  • A staff and faculty committed to meeting the needs of students, whether on campus or off.
  • Rigorous academic requirements that guarantee a degree or certificate of great value.

Is there a difference between a University of Massachusetts on-campus degree vs. online degree?

No, an online degree from the University of Massachusetts will be granted the UMass campus through which the program is offered, and will not contain any references to "online" on the diploma or transcript.  An online degree from UMass is the same degree earned from the University of Massachusetts.  The only difference is that with an online degree, you don't have to physically attend classes.  You can take classes from the comfort of your own home and reduce travel time and costs typically associated with learning on campus.

With an online degree from UMass, you will receive the same degree as that of on-campus students, and be taught by the same world-class faculty.  Our online degree curriculum is just as rigorous if not more challenging.  If you want to make the best out of your degree without having to sacrifice time with your family or work, an online degree through the University of Massachusetts is your answer.  An online degree earned through UMass will stand the test of time. 

Serving Students Locally, Nationally, and Globally

The University of Massachusetts was founded to provide quality learning to students locally. With the inception of UMassOnline, the University is able to share its tradition of excellence beyond the geographical constraints of its five campuses: Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell or Worcester (Medical School).  UMassOnline is successful in serving the University's mission to make UMass education more accessible.

Not only is UMassOnline serving the needs of students directly with access to online learning, but indirectly UMassOnline is giving back to the University of Massachusetts system.  In addition, UMassOnline continues to offer new online degree programs to address the demands of a global economy and evolving job market as part of the University's mission to make UMass education more accessible.

Continued Growth and Offerings

UMassOnline has seen strong growth serving thousands of online degree program enrollees. With more online degree programs in the pipeline and wider acceptance of online learning, UMassOnline will only continue to grow and meet the needs of students around the world.