New Survey: Business Studies Most Popular Among Online Learners

U.S. News & World Report recently featured the results of a survey by The Learning House, Inc., and Aslanian Market Research. Conducted to determine the most popular online programs, the survey and analysis involved responses from 1,500 current and prospective online students nationwide. It found that business studies holds the lead among online learners. But don’t let this finding sway you if, in particular, your interest is in healthcare or social sciences or other areas. As reported by U.S. News:

Thirty-four percent of survey respondents reported that they’re studying or plan to study in the field of business; and fields of study in health professions and social sciences rounded out the top three most popular areas with 16 percent of online students currently studying or planning to study in each discipline.

Add up all the numbers and this still means 34% are, or plan to be, studying something other than business, health, or social sciences.

You’ll want to at least scan the report if you’re also interested in why these current and prospective students are being drawn to online learning:

More than 90 percent of online students noted that their primary motivation for joining an online program involved their careers: 46 percent reported that their motivation was to advance in their current career, while 29 percent hoped to change careers.

Lastly, the survey confirms the correlation between a learner’s geographic proximity to an online provider and a student’s choice of schools. Not surprisingly, perhaps, is that many online learners (about 80% according to this survey) favor providers within 100 miles of their residence.

You can access the full U.S. News & World Report article at this link.

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