New Research: Continuing Education Increases Employee Income and Corporate Productivity

Recently, an online site called onrec, which positions itself a global recruitment resource, posted a news story focused on a study of corporate attitudes toward the value and benefits of continuing education.

Just to be clear, according to the onrec report, the survey results were originally announced by The EvoLLLution, which is an online newspaper for people in higher education. The study itself was conducted, according to the onrec news story, by an independent firm.

A key finding: A third party research firm surveyed employers across North America to get their viewpoints on continuing education and professional development. The results showed that 96% of employers said continuing education improves job performance and 87% said it has a positive impact on pay scale…

You can access the article as well as links to the research here. Please be advised, however, access to the report data requires the submission of your name, email, and organizational affiliation.