The List

We all have lists, but what is stopping us from checking off our to-do list?  Does this sound familiar?

“I just don’t have the time; there just isn’t room in my budget; I haven’t been to school in ages; work is too busy; I already have too many obligations with the kids…”

Those were my reasons before taking action.  Well rests assured that the majority of adult learners have had the same concerns, but were able to make accommodations to get their degrees completed. Going back to school is more accessible than ever with distance learning. Another option is blended learning for those who feel that wholly online classes aren’t the right format for them. Blended learning offers a mixture of on-campus and online courses, so students will get the best of both worlds while completing their degree. Also, since you will be completing your class work on “your time,” you are able to fit in the work when your schedule allows. This enables you to meet your full time job obligations, attend soccer practice, and have dinner ready while continuing your education. Personally, working your studies into your schedule ahead of time is the best practice. For me, this technique reduced the chances of feeling overwhelmed and enabled me to meet class deadlines with ease.

So, you’re probably asking what made me take action?  I was motivated and inspired by those adult learners that were balancing work, family, and school.  I talk to adult students everyday and I thought to myself, if they can do this, I can too!  It’s not easy. You have to make some changes.  But, mentally, I was determined.  I get up a little earlier and stay up a little later.  That helps.  Also, I want to be a role model for my daughter, and by showing her that I’m trying to complete my degree, I hope I will inspire her to focus on her studies.

Years ago all of these reasons would have been valid concerns for one considering returning to college, but the flexibility of online learning has prevailed and many are logging on and finishing their degrees. I did and YOU should too!