One Perspective on 2013 Career Trends

Writing for VentureBeat, Gary Swart provides a guest blog post outlining his perspective on 2013 career trends. He, by the way, is the CEO of oDesk which is an organization that enables both buyers and providers of tech services to build business relationships around the world.

It is that time of year, of course. Predictions are everywhere. But some are important; many are valid. This one from Mr. Swart, for example, may influence what and how you study; how you prepare for that career ahead.

To that point, the following may be the most important overall summation in the noted post: Career success today is about watching skills as they emerge, customizing your education, and not being afraid to dive into that niche specialty you’ve always been interested in — it could be the big skill of tomorrow. In support of that advice, the writer provides tremendous statistics on the growth of mobile applications development. …while in Q3 2008, businesses spent $62,500 on mobile app development through the site; in Q3 2012, they spent $6.3 million, and that’s still growing at a rate of 133 percent year-over-year.

If you agree about the prediction on specialization, or are simply intrigued in general, you’ll want to access more of what Mr. Swart has to say about telecommuting, flexible work arrangements, distributed teams, customized and modular education, analytics-driven HR, and virtual companies.

You can see the complete blog post entitled The top 4 career trends for 2013 at this link.