Fancy Shmancy

If you're going to miss the mark, make sure you do it for good reason, that's what I say. However, that isn't the reality when it comes to online learning. Life and responsibilities get ahold of us all and due dates come and pass. Finding a way to prioritize your assignments is key to a successful semester.

What I have found is that there is no need to buy the fancy planner at Staples or at the school bookstore to stay on task. It is simply finding "your" way that keeps you organized. Maybe scheduling everything in outlook works for you or even creating Post-It notes. You would be amazed what a sheet of paper and a few columns does for me! It might not be the prettiest planner, but it keeps my assignments organized and me in tune with exactly what my teacher is expecting of me. What ideas do you have to keep other students on task in their classes?

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