Blog: February 2014

Top Reasons to Earn Your Business Degree Online

I came across this article while browsing information on business degrees. I am personally continuing my education and wanted to see the benefits of earning a degree in business. The article lists many great reasons to select business as a major.

Rewarding Career with Many Opportunities – UMass Lowell Launches Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

When you think about criminal justice the first thing that comes to mind is learning how to catch a criminal. Actually, criminal justice is a large and rapidly growing field that offers a variety of occupations within the justice system. Whether you are looking for a specific area of interest or broaden your knowledge for advancement, getting a criminal justice degree will prepare you for all of your career endeavors. Security, law enforcement, emergency response, paralegal, or the court systems are some of many of the career paths that a criminal justice degree can lead you.