Embracing Blended Learning

Life can be hectic and there is not doubt about that. Between working and/or raising a family, many find it difficult to continue their education. At the University of Massachusetts we have developed programs that allow students of all kinds to customize their education according to their lifestyle. UMassOnline encourages its student base of broad and diverse individuals, working to achieve a common goal: furthering their education.

Online education can be a great resource for students. Whether you have been out of school for an extended period of time and are looking to transition back into the classroom or looking to squeeze education into an inevitably busy schedule, UMassOnline opens students to an opportunity of educational choice. Som Seng, UMassOnline’s Director of Marketing, shares her thoughts on the transition back into education through the help of online courses here.

Blended learning or hybrid courses are slightly different than fully online courses. The blended programs allows the students to meet and connect with classmates without the time constraints of an in-person class. Students can complete work and assignments on their own time and still have that face-to-face interaction at pre-determined times. The freedom and flexibility of an online course remains while mixing components of an in-class experience. Blended learning allows a student to receive the best of both worlds.

Those who participate in online classes with UMassOnline are official students of the University of Massachusetts. With this title you receive the same benefits as on-campus students and are truly a part of the UMass community. This includes walking during commencement at one of the five campuses across the Commonwealth with your peers.

While education remains a commitment and has not become any less of a task or achievement, UMassOnline is working to provide students of all kinds a opportunity at furthering their education. Juggling full time jobs, families, responsibilities, and an education is no easy feat, but we here at UMass are here to help. To learn more, visit the UMassOnline website for programs and course listings.