Blog: April 2016

UMass Lowell Now Offers Behavioral Management in Autism Graduate Online Certificate

This April, the Autism Society has gone beyond simply promoting autism awareness, but worked to encourage individuals to become partners and advocates in the movement toward acceptance and appreciation of the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year. On April 2, individuals everywhere wore blue in participation of the “Light it up Blue” campaign. With tremendous amounts of support, this day has turned into a global effort to honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism.

LinkedIn Launches New App for Students

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for professional networking. Through LinkedIn users can build a professional profile, connect with others professionals, and highlight your expertise and experience; it is essentially an online resume and networking event rolled into one.

Making a Digital Difference

To improve academic results, policymakers use research and data to make changes in what—and how—students are taught. Data gives insight into student’s lives, as well as what works and doesn’t work in today’s education. Most importantly, data identifies patterns that provides insights into educational outcomes.

Sitting vs. Standing In The Workplace

The controversy around sitting or standing while at work continues to grow. While many people firmly believe that the sitting disease will cause serious health issues (if it hasn't already), others think differently.

Did You Celebrate National Library Week With This Year?

Here at UMassOnline, we are all proud to support and celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians, as we would not be where we are today without them!

In the mid-1950s, research showed that Americans were spending less on books and more on radios, televisions, and musical instruments. This brought a major concern to the American Library Association (ALA) and the American Book Publishers; in hopes to keep their organizations alive, the two organizations developed a plan for a National Library Week.

UMass Receives Funding For Student Scholarships

With many students unable to afford college, the University of Massachusetts just made it easier. With a $158 million supplemental budget approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, $10.9 million will be distributed to the University of Massachusetts with $7 million of that dedicated for student scholarships.