Blog: May 2016

30 Interview Questions to Start Practicing

We’ve given you some general tips on how to prepare for an interview that will help get you through at least the first round…

Now, USA Today recently shared 30 behavioral questions that are likely to come up in an interview. These questions go beyond the simple “what is your biggest weakness?”--style queries and require deeper, thoughtful answers. The questions cover topics such as teamwork, client-facing skills, time management, ability to adapt, motivation, and communication.

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Common Question: Will My Diploma Say That I Took My Degree Online?

We receive many different questions from prospective students when it comes to higher education. How do I know what program is right for me? How do I best manage online coursework with my personal and professional life?  What’s the best way for me to interact with my professors in an online format? We will be tackling some of the most frequently asked questions in our ongoing blog series.

This week, Is my diploma going to say that I took my degree online?

2016 UMass Graduates

As commencement season is upon us, recent graduates will soon anxiously be entering the workforce. UMass prides itself on graduating students that are ready to take on the job market confidently and successfully, prepared to enter job interviews with the skills learned at UMass. Along with some interview tips that helped UMass students land a job, here are some stats about the graduating class of 2016.

Stats about the 2016 graduating class: