Blog: May 2018

Is a Human Services Degree for You?

While prosperity has expanded worldwide, issues of poverty, underserved communities and human rights issues continue. Human services leaders face these issues head on, working to better the circumstances for those who need support. It’s an important field in the 21st century that has a direct impact on people’s lives.

Does Too Much Screen Time Really Impact a Child’s Development?

Researchers have debated the impact of screen time on children for decades. It’s an issue that those earning a Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Learning and Development will certainly address both in their academic and professional careers. The following are some of the issues around children and screen time.

What is Arts Management?

Arts management is critical to ensuring public access to great works of art and artistic performances. It’s a career worthy of consideration for those who love art and have a knack for business. The University of Massachusetts offers the nation’s only online bachelor’s degree that focuses on arts management.