Blog: February 2021

10 Tips to be an Effective Leader with Organizational Change

Not all leaders are created equal.

The difference a great leader can make within an organization is insurmountable. From inspiring employees to work hard and do their best to achieve business goals, attracting high-caliber talent and keeping them, to creating new opportunities for innovation and organizational change, effective leaders have a big influence on an organization’s success.

To help you learn how to become a more effective leader, here are ten tips for you to takeaway and employ today within your organization:

The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

To say the past year has been unprecedented would be an understatement. From moving an entire workforce online to record-breaking unemployment throughout the United States due to COVID-19, these unprecedented times have forced many to reevaluate what the future holds for them.

Whether entering the workforce as a recent college graduate or a working professional, many find themselves asking questions like…

“Am I happy with the career I chose?”

“How can I strengthen my skillset to provide job security?”

Meet Dana Henry: UMDI Leadership Excellence Faculty Member

For the past 30 years, Dana’s career has been focused on developing executive and professional development programs, both domestically as well as throughout the world.

Since joining the UMass Donahue Institute (UMDI) as the Director of Organizational Developmental & Learning Solutions, Dana’s mission is to advance the development of organizational leaders and managers while also supporting competency-based learning.