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In the vanguard of the distance learning revolution, UMassOnline pioneered and helped define the online educational opportunity ten years ago. Our ongoing leadership and educational value system has seen us become one of the leading national online educators. This online community is simply another part of a profound ongoing process to further shape and refine distance learning, and to make the UMassOnline experience a truly unique opportunity for lifelong learners worldwide.

Many academic leaders, scholars, and students are discovering the power of online communities like this and the value of open conversations among people with a diversity of opinions and contributions to make involving matters of shared interest. Blogging, and the easy access to – and exchange of – ideas that it has spawned, is having a “transformative” effect on education.

This isn’t a lecture hall; there is no traditional classroom hierarchy. Everyone who comes here and anyone who wishes, with appropriate consideration for others, to advance the discussion, has fellow citizenship status.

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