Blogger Guidelines

The UMassOnline bloggers on this site adhere to a set of principles, policies and communications methods that bring to their submissions here the highest level of personal and professional integrity in support of the open dialogue we aim to initiate and foster in and for the UMassOnline global community.

The authorship of every post on the UMassOnline blog is provided. We write in the first-person to emphasize the personal and individual quality of our opinions and views. We monitor and respond to comments as soon as possible and welcome appropriately stated views of others whether in agreement with ours or of an opposing nature. Every effort is made to respect all established copyright, fair use, and intellectual property doctrines. When possible and as appropriate we include links to original source material used in the development of the posts we write. This means that those within our community can view and evaluate for themselves the authenticity of the original documentation and our interpretation of it.

Respect for our audience is paramount. All of us are committed to showing the proper consideration for others. Ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity are not tolerated. Topics or statements that are objectionable or inflammatory are avoided. At all times, other people’s privacy, as well as our own, is safeguarded.

We also want to be the first to correct our mistakes. However, no previous posts will be corrected or altered in any way without indicating that we have done so.

Overall, we’re committed to hosting an open dialogue on the issues and events of the greatest interest for our growing global community of students and their families, our faculty and staff, our peers in higher education, our alumni, and for people everywhere considering the value of life long learning in the online world from distances near and far.