5 Tips to Staying Focused with Online Learning as an Adult Learner

As an adult learner, from the minute we wake up until we go to bed, we are continually connected to the outside world. Especially now living with a new norm as a result of COVID, many of us are able to remotely work from home thanks to technologies like Zoom but are also juggling the demands of family and so many other responsibilities that make it difficult to focus on your studies.

New Normal Series: How UMassOnline Staff Manage Working from Home During COVID-19

Establishing a New Normal
So far, I've really enjoyed working from home full-time. I share a home office with my dad (both of my parents live with us) so it’s been really great to have a quiet place to focus. For me, having a designated “office space” has been key. 

New Normal Series: How UMassOnline Staff Manage Working from Home During COVID-19

Prior to Governor Charlie Baker's #stayhome request in response to COVID-19, I never worked from home. But as we all know, much has changed in ways we never expected. 

Tips for Working and Learning from Home During COVID-19

How to stay mentally healthy while being productive during #StayHome

It seems that all anyone can talk about is the coronavirus. And rightfully so as it’s impacting every corner of the world. From employees being told to work from home to college students moving off campus and migrating to remote learning, the virus has impacted every single American in some way.

A UMass Love Story 20 Years in the Making

Before the “romantic” days of swiping left or right to find that special someone on your phone, the “old school” way of meeting people through friends, colleagues or while attending college was really the only option.

Celebrating all things romance and love, we are taking you back 20 years – sharing a UMass love story about one of our very own.

Meet Som Seng, UMassOnline Director of Marketing, who shares how she met her now-husband and forever #MCM, Jay, 20 years ago while they were both undergraduate students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


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