Becoming a Successful Leader

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." - Jack Welch

Do you have the power to lead other people? The capacity not only to get the job done right, but to guide your team in advancement? These days as managers grow into positions with more responsibility they are faced with wearing multiple hats. Some might include: motivator, educator, leader and disciplinarian.

Earth Day - A Great Reason to Go Green

Forty-four years ago today began the annual celebration on Earth Day. On this day millions pay tribute on raising awareness around the increased need in protection of the environment and appreciation for Earth. Around the globe you will find communities planting trees, conducting programs to increase recycling or simply picking up trash along the roadsides. It is a day where one large group - who believes in the preservation of our planet, can make an impact.

UMass System Launches 23 New Online Programs in FY 14

In a press release published today, the University of Massachusetts was proud to announce they have vastly expanded their online program development. The campuses developed a total of 23 new programs to add to the online offerings in FY 14. Click here to read the full press release.

Top Reasons to Earn Your Business Degree Online

I came across this article while browsing information on business degrees. I am personally continuing my education and wanted to see the benefits of earning a degree in business. The article lists many great reasons to select business as a major.

Rewarding Career with Many Opportunities – UMass Lowell Launches Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

When you think about criminal justice the first thing that comes to mind is learning how to catch a criminal. Actually, criminal justice is a large and rapidly growing field that offers a variety of occupations within the justice system. Whether you are looking for a specific area of interest or broaden your knowledge for advancement, getting a criminal justice degree will prepare you for all of your career endeavors. Security, law enforcement, emergency response, paralegal, or the court systems are some of many of the career paths that a criminal justice degree can lead you.

Answering the Demand - UMass Boston Launches Two New Online Certificates

Graduate certificates are perfect if you are seeking to acquire skills in a new career or advance your knowledge in your current position to move up the ladder. Graduate certificates provide the opportunity for those who have already obtained their bachelor’s degree to quickly gain the knowledge they need in their specific area of expertise. They are a great way to continue your education, embark in a career change or increase your value in the workplace.

Experience...What To Do When You Need More

Are you taking your degree online or in a blended format, but want more hands on experience? No worries! Most degrees require an internship to be completed so you can actually get some “hands on” experience in the field. A lot of students typically get nervous in their studies when they actually do not work in the field and cannot relate to the other students experiences in the class.

Developing Leaders in Education

UMassOnline recently added a new blended degree from UMass Amherst, Master of Education in Educational Leadership. Geared to benefit aspiring or current teachers, coaches, instructional leaders, department chairs, principals and many more. This degree will assist professionals with development of their current skills sets and focusing on enhancing contemporary leadership traits that can be used within an effective educational system of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

5 Ways To Head Into A Successful Semester

Winter break is coming to a close. Hopefully everyone was able to take full advantage of your many weeks off and had time to spend with family and friends. The new spring semester is rolling up on us fast and it will be well underway before your know it.

Here are some helpful tips to start your semester off right.

And We Are Off...

We have officially emerged in 2014 my friends! I know most of us have already jotted down our resolutions for this new year and I know some of us refuse to. I don’t blame those who don’t. A lot of times those well thought out goals are short lived. It has been a tradition for ages to break into the new year with a better look at life. It’s not too late to make your commitment. Some great examples of resolutions to consider are: