Are there standards in place for blended learning programs?

Yes, and members from the campuses helped developed these standards or guidelines in conjunction with the Sloan Consortium. According to a recently published paper in the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN), "Characteristics of Successful Local Blended Programs in the Context of The Sloan-C Pillars," there are common characteristics that should be adhered to for developing successful local blended programs based which are largely based on the Sloan-C Pillars (educational guidelines developed as a framework for online programs).

These are:

  • Localness Supports Outreach Mission and Facilitates Cost Effective Solutions
  • Access Emphasizes the Best of Both Worlds
  • Student Satisfaction Enhanced through Local Experiences
  • Faculty Satisfaction Enhanced through Rewards and Training for Local Initiatives
  • Learning Effectiveness Features Optimal Blend of F2F and Online Learning to Build Learning Community