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Abolitionism Dartmouth An in-depth examination of the theoretical formulations, social movement contexts, and political... read more
Advanced Bioinformatics Dartmouth Advanced coverage of computational approaches used in bioinformatics. The course focuses on... read more
Business Financial Analysis Lowell N/A
Computer Program With C Dartmouth Algorithm development, syntax and semantics of a high level programming language, debugging and... read more
Experiential Reflections on Health - Section 02 Amherst In this course non-traditional students will learn how to apply a selection of principles and... read more
Financial Accounting Lowell N/A
Global Enterprise and Competition Lowell N/A
Intro to Business Analytics Dartmouth Data analytics to describe, predict, advise decision-making, & improve business performance.... read more
Intro to Feminist Theory Dartmouth Overview of the different frameworks within feminist theory: cultural feminism, liberal feminism,... read more
Introduction to Ethics Dartmouth A critical examination of normative theories of obligation and value. It includes philosophical... read more
Introduction to Music Dartmouth Presents a basic music vocabulary and develops intelligent discrimination in the listener through... read more
Law and Education Dartmouth Comprehensive review of the law and jurisprudence that governs public (and private) education in... read more
Marketing Fundamentals Lowell N/A
Mgmt Organization Change Dartmouth Knowledge, understanding and skills to actively contribute, whether as a manager, leader or change... read more
Obj-Oriented Program with Java Dartmouth Basic concepts in programming and software development using the Java programming language. The... read more
Ocean Policy and Law Dartmouth Law and policy issues in the context of the marine environment. The course surveys coastal zone... read more
Operations Fundamentals Lowell N/A
Operations Management Dartmouth Design, development, direction, and distribution methods used to deliver goods and services. Topics... read more
Organizational Behavior Lowell N/A
Paradigmatic Sftware Dev Dartmouth Software development in the context of various paradigms. The strategies and methods of the... read more
Personal Finance Dartmouth An introduction to the financial planning process of setting goals, developing action plans,... read more
Population Health Nursing Dartmouth Promotion of health and nursing care for diverse individuals, families, and aggregates in the... read more
Principles Macro Dartmouth Survey of introductory macroeconomics with focus on economic growth, unemployment, and inflation.... read more
Professional Nursing Dartmouth This is a professional role development course for RN students that focuses on three key processes... read more
Public Management Dartmouth Overview of the responsibilities of a public administrator in the context of specific areas of... read more