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Algorithms & Complexity Dartmouth Evaluation of algorithms concerning their time and space complexity. Complexity hierarchies,... read more
Business Financial Analysis Lowell N/A
Capstone Seminar Dartmouth A culminating seminar in political science. Topics will vary, but may include public opinion,... read more
Computer Networks Dartmouth Analysis and modeling of centralized and distributed computer networks. Queuing network analysis,... read more
Create Value Through Operations Analysis Dartmouth Techniques for the analysis and improvement of the value-adding activities of an organization. The... read more
Environmental Law Dartmouth The major policy implementation and legitimization stages typical of environmental law and... read more
Europe in the 20th Century Dartmouth A study of the forces shaping contemporary Europe. Attention will be paid to World War I and its... read more
Experiential Reflections on Health - Section 02 Amherst In this course non-traditional students will learn how to apply a selection of principles and... read more
Financial Accounting Lowell N/A
Fundamentals of Computer Systems Dartmouth Introduction of Design and Organization of Computing Systems. This course introduces fundamental... read more
Global Enterprise and Competition Lowell N/A
Juvenile Delinquency Amherst Interrelationships among three aspects of juvenile delinquency in the U.S.: administration of... read more
Marketing Fundamentals Lowell N/A
Operations Fundamentals Lowell N/A
Operations Management Dartmouth Design, development, direction, and distribution methods used to deliver goods and services. Topics... read more
Organization, Structure & Process Dartmouth Survey of advanced concepts in organizational theory examining the lens through which we understand... read more
Organizational Behavior Lowell N/A
Principles of Critical Thinking Dartmouth Introduction to the methods and principles used to distinguish correct from incorrect reasoning.... read more
Principles of Macroeconomics Dartmouth Survey of introductory macroeconomics with focus on economic growth, unemployment, and inflation.... read more
Process Management Dartmouth Management of integrated business processes through the application of process analysis and process... read more
Professional Nursing Dartmouth This is a professional role development course for RN students that focuses on three key processes... read more
Public Finance in Education Dartmouth Overview of how education is financed in the United States and the national, state, and local... read more
Renaissance to Modern Art Dartmouth Surveys painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance to Impressionism as well as its... read more
Seminar:Topics Comparative Politics Dartmouth Available topics seminar in the field of Comparative Politics. Repeatable with change in content.
Social Problems Amherst Introduction to sociology. America's major social problems--past and present--are examined. These... read more


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