Special Topics - Systems Engineering

Systems engineering (SE) is based on the principles of analysis, synthesis, evaluation and feedback which are critical elements in critical thinking.  The objective of SE is to see to it that the system is designed, built, and operated so that it accomplishes its purpose in the most cost-effective way possible, considering performance, cost, schedule and risk.  It provides one clear view from the top and from every level of the design and implementation. Since systems comprise components that are interrelated, there are aspects in SE that relate to soft (management) issues whilst simultaneously focusing on the hard (technical) issues. This aspect of SE makes it uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the engineer as manager and the manager as engineer. It also provides an opportunity for management and engineering students to work together on projects and determine a richer understanding and provide a better outcome than they would in segregation. The course is ideal for engineers who want to develop themselves further using technical knowledge from fields like mechanical, environmental, chemical or industrial engineering to design a system around the outcomes from these fields.  The course is ideal for management students who want to understand the big picture and be able to work in an integrated diverse environment. Part of the Master of Science in Engineering Management - Online and Blended.

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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
M&I-ENG 697Z
Spring 2017
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Monday, November 7, 2016 to Monday, February 6, 2017