S-Digital Photography for the Non-Art Major

Digital photography is an important skill in many majors and professions. It is valuable for illustrating papers, gathering field data, marketing online, documenting research, illustrating environmental beauty and change, creating art, and more. This introductory course addresses both the science and art of photography—technological principles that apply to all cameras (digital or film), fundamental digital camera techniques and practice, concepts/practice in aesthetic image-making, developing a personal vision, as well as an introduction to the styles of famous historic photographers and their contributions to the art and science of photography. Basic imaging software will be briefly covered. This course requires regular outside shooting assignments in addition to written assignments. The goal is becoming competent with the student's own camera and gaining fluency with photography and photographic terms. No prior knowledge or experience required.  Students must own either a compact or single-lens-reflex digital camera and have or secure its instruction manual prior to the first class.Topics covered:  Working the camera, understanding exposure, digital concepts (sensors, file formats, ISO, resolution, white balance, storage media, etc.) understanding lenses and focal lengths, composition, visual aesthetics, critiquing work, developing a style, viewing historical and established photographers? work, basics on downloading, organizing, and editing.Note about cameras: Cameras for this course should not be limited to 100% automatic exposure settings, but should have the following exposure settings: APERTURE PRIORITY, SHUTTER PRIORITY, MANUAL EXPOSURE. (DSLR cameras usually have these settings, but please double check yours.)  If you have questions about your camera, please ask  Instructor.  Students without a camera wishing to take this course are welcome to contact the instructor prior to the start of the course for advice about a suitable camera within their budget.  Cell phone cameras are not suitable for this course.

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Spring 2017
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Monday, November 7, 2016 to Monday, February 6, 2017