Women's Studies Online Undergraduate Certificate Program


UMass Dartmouth's Women's Studies Undergraduate Online Certificate offers students the opportunity to develop a fuller understanding of the position of women in society. Courses draw upon such fields as economics, history, literature, political science, and sociology, as well as feminist thought and methodology.

The Women's Studies Online Certificate fosters an active examination of the varying influences upon women's and men's lives such as race, class, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexuality, and age. The program provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Think about the construction and influences of gender in contemporary society
  • Discover the historical factors that have shaped the current status of women from varying backgrounds and countries
  • Explore paths to achieve equality for all people

The Goals of the Program are for students to:

  • Understand the historical, social, and political contexts of women's movements and feminist thought
  • Understand feminist theories and apply them in critiquing and transforming their world
  • Connect the women's movements and feminist theory to other social justice movements and theories

WMS courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences teach students to:

  • Identify and evaluate the social construction of gender and the ways gender intersects with other forms of identity
  • Understand the gendering of our socioeconomic and political worlds and the individual and collective components of social change
  • Identify, compare, and evaluate culturally and historically specific ideas of gender, sex, and sexuality
  • Apply a critical feminist perspective to the study of literature and the arts

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Registration is administered through Professional and Continuing Education at UMass Dartmouth. Payment is due upon registration. Please see Fee Schedule below.

Type of Fee Amount
Tuition & Fees per course $1100
College Fee per semester $39-75
Library Access Fee $18
Registration Fee per semester $30
Technology Fee per course $150
Total for a three credit course* $1337-$1373

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* Courses can vary from one to six credits; this total represents a standard 3 credit course




Students with an earned high school diploma are eligible for the undergraduate program. Completion of the certificate will enhance a student's current career or assist in the development of new jobs skills. For example, successful students will find themselves with an increased understanding of women's experiences in the workplace, as well as a fuller understanding of issues of difference that affect social interactions.

Admission & Degree Requirements

  • A High School diploma is required
  • Students are responsible for all pre-requisites to all courses
Plan of Study: 

The curriculum for the Women's Studies Program Certificate includes:

  • WMS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WMS 201: Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • One upper level feminist theory course (WMS 302: Global Feminism; WMS 305: Contemporary Feminist Theory and Practice; WMS 306: Third Wave Feminism; or WMS 307: Ecofeminism: Theory and Practice)
  • One 300-level WMS elective in Humanities
  • One 300-level WMS elective in Social Sciences

Total: 15 credit hours

Out of the 15 credit hours for the undergraduate certificate, nine need to be at the upper level.

Students are responsible for pre-requisites to all courses.

Students can complete the certificate online within in two semesters.

Financial Aid: 

Availability of financial aid varies depending on matriculation and course status.  Please check with your advisor to determine your eligibility.

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