Distance Learning

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 UMassOnline Distance Learning

Distance learning has definitely gone 'mainstream'. The rate of students pursuing education online far exceeds the growth rate of the overall higher education student population. A recent study conducted by the Sloan Consortium nearly 3.2 million students were studying in the Fall of 2005 and close to 66% of all schools offering face-to-face courses, also offer online courses.

Recently, UMassOnline added another way to learn that enables local students to get the best of both worlds. You can choose to get your degree through a local campus and learn in a traditional setting, choose to access completely online from the comforts of your own home, or blend the flexibility and convenience of online with the experience of the face-to-face classroom.

Online, offline or blend, the choice is yours: learn more about online learning or our new blended learning offerings.

The web has forever changed the way we interact, find information and go about our day-to-day activities. We buy music online, pay bills online, keep track of our busy lives online, and increasingly many of us are achieving our education goals online. Online learning is embraced more now than ever because it is accessible, flexible and offers the same quality learning experience as found in the traditional classroom.

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Blended Learning

Blended learning simply defined is a combination of the physical face-to-face classroom with a portion of the course curriculum delivered online. Blended learning is the 'perfect' mix for those who want some face-to-face classroom experience but also want the flexibility of taking some elements online.

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On-campus Learning

Each year the University of Massachusetts educates nearly 60,000 students and confers more than 11,000 degrees at its five campuses located in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell or Worcester campuses.

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