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According to Deborah Besemer, President and CEO of BrassRing, a provider of recruitment software and services for large companies, employers actually disregard degrees from diploma mills, or online providers that have flooded the market with no regard for quality:

"We see this when they search for candidates and specifically eliminate certain schools from their search. Reputation of the educational institution is what matters the most, whether online or in classroom. Employers recognize and reward the reputation of a university or college," says Besemer. "Employers want to hire students who have a full college experience whether online or in the classroom. They are looking for well-educated individuals to join their companies."

Quality Matters

When making a decision to earn an online college degree, the academic quality of the institution is a critical factor. Quality programs taught by experienced faculty are essential to a rich learning experience. UMassOnline faculty are internationally recognized and include winners of the world's most prestigious awards, including the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, National Book Award for Poetry, and the Draper Award in Engineering.

Is an online college degree for you? For some, an online college degree fits perfectly with their busy lifestyle. Most students interested in an online college degree are self-motivated, work full-time or are parents juggling the demands of education and family. The flexibility of online is vitally important to them. An online college degree from UMassOnline represents an opportunity to reach their academic, professional, or personal goals without sacrificing their work or time with family. 

Choice Matters

But, an online college degree may not be for everyone. According to in-house Eduventures survey data, prospective online students applying to an online college degree prefer that their college or university is 10 miles or less from their home or place of employment. This shows that some students want the convenience and flexibility of earning an online college degree but also want the ability to have access to on-campus student services and face-to-face interaction and instruction. This isn’t to say that one form is better than another, but better suited for that unique student to learn the way they learn best.

With UMassOnline, you can choose an online college degree program, a blended program, or you can attend one of our five campuses.