Employer's View of Online Learning - UMassOnline

Statistics show that employers are increasingly encouraging their employees to continue their studies through online education.  As more employees seek and earn their degrees online and then transfer the learning to the workplace, there is a broader view of the quality education provided online. And for some institutions like UMass, the quality is the same as within the traditional classroom. This plus the simple fact that there is now more of an understanding how online degrees and courses are delivered and obtained, employers are much more supportive of employees taking classes online.

This recent article in Mass High Tech notes that “The current economic recession has led to an increase in the numbers of job applications with online university degrees.” And one extremely statistic to share from the article, according to a recent edition of Mass High Tech , “90% of human resource managers are now viewing online education more favorably compared to five years ago.”

Many employees are in need of professional development programs that will help them advance to the next level in their profession, and the option of online learning is playing a key role in their career advancement. Employers understand that having a full time career, family and furthering your education can be a challenging. This is now made easier to accomplish with the increasing number of traditional on-campus universities now offering the option of online learning.


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