University of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture is central to the mission of the University of Massachusetts and builds upon a historical tradition and public commitment to support sustainable local, national, and global agriculture through research and education in economic vitality, environmental integrity, and social justice of sustainable landscape and agricultural systems. The Stockbridge School of Agriculture engages students to become future leaders, decision makers and critical thinkers and to create career opportunities in a rapidly changing world. 

Further, we provide research-based information to:

  • Green-industry professionals
  • Equine professionals
  • Farmers
  • The public
  • Policy-makers and
  • Others in agriculture to develop and promote innovative solutions to existing and emerging problems related to managed ecosystems. 

We have a large faculty including a variety of specialties in farming and green industries. We offer associate’s and bachelor’s degrees and provide graduate training leading to master’s and Ph.D.'s.

Program(s) offered at the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Natural Sciences Stockbridge School of Agriculture:

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