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http://www.umassonline.net//sites/default/files/jennifer-brady-cmo.jpgJennifer has dedicated the majority of her career to the field of education and helping students from all over the world realize their dream of a post-secondary education. From Xebec Interactive, an organization that specialized in adult education, to UMass Online, to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and then back to the University of Massachusetts, Brady has a track record of growing and enhancing every organization she has worked for.

As Xebec’s first U.S. employee, Jennifer helped build the organization into an entity ready for purchase by the reputable McGraw Hill. She then went on to develop a successful consultancy of her own, Workerbee Marketing.

After 4 years, Jennifer joined UMass Online. During her close to 5 years at UMass Online, one of the largest and fastest growing accredited online higher education programs in the United States, she focused on addressing a dire unmet need in higher education - affordable access to quality education for students from around the world who did not think they would be successful in college. As the Associate VP of Business Development, she was responsible for managing an award-wining marketing campaign, “One World Class.”

In 2015, Jennifer joined SNHU where she started out as the Vice President of Undergraduate and Graduate Marketing and Student Recruitment. In less than 2 years, Jennifer was serving SNHU as the VP of Marketing. In her initial role she was responsible for the research and concepting of over 30 new online degree programs. As VP of Marketing, Jennifer launched a very successful marketing campaign aimed at non-conventional students, helping them realize their dream of a higher education degree.

After a year and a half as Chief Marketing Officer at New England College of Business Jennifer returned to UMass in October 2019 as the Chief Marketing Officer. She is thrilled to be back ‘home’ and believes that her time away from UMass and what she learned while away was an essential experience to continue her service to the University and the growing student population it serves.

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