151 Students Graduate from Online Programs at UMass

151 Students Graduate from Online Programs at UMass

79 Bachelor's and 72 Master's Degrees Conferred from Eleven Online Programs at Four UMass Campuses

June 8, 2004-- Boston, MA --- UMassOnline, the University of Massachusetts' online education division today announced that 151 online students graduated from eleven programs at four UMass campuses this academic year. The University's online graduates participated in their programs from as far away as Turkey and as close as students who lived on or near a UMass campus and were able to combine online and face-to-face classes to earn their degrees.

"UMassOnline gives distance students the same high quality learning experience and program expectations as our on-campus students," says David Gray, UMassOnline CEO. "The quality and outcomes are the same; only the medium is different."

"Getting my degree has been something that I've wanted for a long time," says Christopher Schlorman, a 35- year-old parent and IT professional from Dayton, Ohio who received his Bachelor's degree on Sunday at UMass Lowell's graduation ceremonies.

Schlorman, who decided to complete his degree after hitting a professional "glass ceiling," completed the UMass Lowell Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a business minor completely online. He says that without the online program, he would have had to wait another four years to pursue the professional opportunities he can pursue today.

"Today, I look at people with degrees differently," Schlorman says. "It was hard work and something to be proud of. And, my son is proud of me. I think that I have taught him a valuable lesson: You're never too old!"

Lauri Kalanges, MD, received her MPH from the online Master's in Public Health, Public Health Practice program on May 22 from UMass Amherst. "When I first researched the available online programs in 2001, the fact that the program was fully accredited and part of a leading School of Public Health at a major university was very important to me," says Kalanges, a 45-year-old plastic surgeon from Reno, Nevada, who made a midlife career transition to public health.

"I liked the idea that actual doctorates teach most of these same courses on campus." She says that she "was impressed with both the quality of the teaching and the ability to learn from the life and career experiences of both faculty and classmates who were located around the globe." And, as a busy MD who promotes positive health, aging, and independent living in her community's senior population, Kalanges "liked the ability to participate in my courses and assignments online with a flexible schedule."

"Graduates of UMassOnline programs are extraordinarily committed individuals. Most lead extremely full and demanding professional and personal lives. Their devotion to self-improvement is the critical ingredient to their educational success. We are proud of their achievements and secure in the knowledge that they have positioned themselves to attain their personal and professional goals," says Gray.

The University of Massachusetts' online graduates participated in academic programs at UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell:

  • UMass Lowell conferred 65 degrees (35 graduate and 30 undergraduate)
    • Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy: 26
    • Master of Education in Education Administration: 9
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: 24
    • Bachelor of Liberal Arts: 2
    • Associate of Science in Information Technology: 4
  • UMass Amherst conferred 64 degrees (27 graduate, 37 undergraduate)
    • Master of Business Administration: 8
    • Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice: 19
    • RN to BS program: 37
  • UMass Boston conferred 10 degrees (10 graduate)
    • Master of Education in Counseling: 9
    • Master of Education in Instructional Design: 1
  • UMass Dartmouth conferred 12 degrees (12 undergraduate)
    • RN to BSN: 12 Bachelor's degrees

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Date: 06/08/04