Mass High Tech - Shall We Continue?

Mass High Tech - Shall We Continue?

The University of Massachusetts Medical School is betting that if they build it, doctors and nurses will come.

The "it" in this case isn't a baseball diamond in Iowa. It's an online alternative for health care professionals who need to earn continuing education credits.

UMass Medical School, working with UMassOnline, has launched what officials are calling a "natural extension" of its continuing Medical Education (CME) Program, which has been delivering "live" lectures by nationally recognized experts for many years.

"For health care professionals, the market is so tight they can't leave their practices," said Cheryl Scheid, vice chancellor of faculty administration and interim provost for UMass Medical School in Worcester. "They have to see more patients to make the same amount of money. They've been really squeezed by the payers."

Date: 02/14/05