UMassOnline Reports Record Enrollment and Revenue Increases for Fiscal Year 2007

UMassOnline Reports Record Enrollment and Revenue Increases for Fiscal Year 2007

SHREWSBURY, MA - March 28, 2007 - UMassOnline, the online learning division of the University of Massachusetts , announced record revenue and enrollment results for fiscal year 2007. Program revenue grew by 32.1 percent and enrollment increased by 25 percent, in fiscal year 2007 (July 2006 - June 2007), the largest growth rate recorded in more than three years. Revenue from online programs was $28 million, up from $21 million in fiscal year 2006. Enrollments reached 26,627, up from 21,202 recorded in the previous fiscal year, and 17,661 in fiscal year 2005.

"We can attribute much of our growth to the quality of our courses and the depth and breadth of our program offerings," said David Gray, CEO, UMassOnline. "UMassOnline enables students to have the same access to award-winning faculty, programs, and learning as found in a physical classroom at any of the five campuses."

Mr. Gray continued to note that the growth of UMassOnline is directly in line with the overall trends in the industry. According to The Sloan Consortium's recent report, "Allen, I.E. and Seaman, J. Making the Grade: Online Education in the United States, 2006,, Needham, MA: Sloan-C, 2006.," higher education institutions taught nearly 3.2 million online students during the fall term of 2005, an increase of about 850,000 students and a growth rate of 35 percent. The report states that this year marks both the largest absolute increase in the number of online students and the largest percentage increase.

" More people are learning online now and more online learning programs are entering the market than ever before," stated Mr. Gray. "The high standards employed by the University system have enabled UMassOnline to harness this quality and pass it on to the growing number of students, professionals, and lifelong learners that have already chosen us for a quality education that will stand the test of time," concluded Mr. Gray.

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UMassOnline, the online learning division of the University of Massachusetts, provides the highest quality education offered by the UMass system in a flexible, online format enabling students, professionals, and lifelong learners to take courses anywhere, anytime. With 66 undergraduate and graduate degree, certificate and professional development programs and more than 1,300 individual courses, UMassOnline offers one of the largest accredited online programs available. Programs span the disciplines for which the University is best known: liberal arts, education, management, nursing, public health, information technology, and other disciplines. All UMassOnline courses are taught by the same award-winning faculty who teach on-campus, offering online students the same rich experience as the face-to-face classroom. Students from around the world and from almost every state are among our 26,627 enrollees. For more about UMassOnline, go to

Date: 03/28/07