Future Teachers of America (Blog) - Kristianna King

Future Teachers of America (Blog) - Kristianna King

After searching Google for the right article's that caught my eye, I came along a few. The first article was posted on a blog by David Gray from the UMass online blog. He struck on several points that truly stimulated my attention. In his post, he states that about 57% of the K-12 students have a ratio of 4:1 for every computer. As a college student, you can clearly see what an inconvenience this would be for us. Gray goes on to say that if our goals are to prepare students for the future as a college student; where technology is used more often than textbooks, does it not become the job of the teacher to encourage the use of software based education and not just a backpack full of books. He also strikes a new issue that we face as a nation by saying instead of making these children carry around a backpack filled with dozens of books, not only would it become less painstaking on the children but more environmentally friendly to allow the students to use notebook computers instead.

In an article entitled "Emerging Technologies" it is said that by allowing and encouraging access to the students of the wonderful world of technology, you are then expanding their access to information that could potentially expand their ideas of learning and could also create an interactive environment for the children. They also point out that by allowing students to access such technologies, the teachers could customize different resources to make it easier to conform to different student's specific needs. Although the technology is there for the teachers and students to access, there will always be obstacles whether the education is through the emerging technologies or through the traditional educational media.

Read David Gray's original blog post, Textbooks versus Technology: The Right Debate?

Date: 1/22/09

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