Studying Tips

Studying for Finals: What can you do differently this time?

The end of November means finals season is starting to approach. Make sure you are ready and prepared for your final exams with some of these tips and tricks to ensure you do even better than last time.  

Finding Your Focus

When it comes to studying for tests and exams, focus is critical. The tips below will help students enhance their ability to study and fully absorb the information they will need in classes.

4 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Online Education

Despite the advantages of distance learning, taking online courses can be overwhelming. You need to be well organized and motivated in order to succeed in this off-campus setting. Here are some strategies for studying and staying on task that will help you make the most of your online courses!

All About Brain Food

When it comes to class, studying, and late night cramming sessions for exams, food is fuel. The right foods can give the necessary burst of energy that keeps you chugging along and improve studying techniques. Below is a list of essential food and snacks that can help weary students stay focused in and outside of the classroom.