Welcome Transfer Students

This web page was established due to the overwhelming number of transfer inquiries we receive at UMass, and the several transfer inquiries that we have recently received from students at Becker College since the MA Department of Higher Education and NECHE issued and posted public statements about their assessment of Becker’s financial situation and ability to sustain operations. This web page is intended to allow those students who continue to proactively seek to explore transferring to another institute of higher education or the UMass system, the opportunity to receive information about the UMass transfer process so that we can help students and their families make the best informed judgments and decisions about their educational futures. Despite the fact that the MA DHE and NECHE have publicly announced and stated that they are engaged in contingency closure planning with Becker College, in the event that Becker College decides not to sustain operations at or near current levels for the next academic year, that does NOT mean that Becker College’s Board of Trustees will ultimately vote or decide to close the college. UMass recognizes that students have a right to explore transfer opportunities under any circumstances and has established this page in response to any and all students’ interest in considering other educational opportunities, and to support students and their families. Submitting information to UMass for the purpose of exploring transfer opportunities is not binding in any way. Should Becker College’s existing programs continue at Becker College or elsewhere, UMass will attempt to help ensure that students who have expressed interest in transferring to UMass are aware of that and all other in-state opportunities that we UMass is aware of, to continue their studies and graduate.


Our Process

Once you identify your program of interest, an admissions counselor will reach out to you to review the program, the curriculum and be available to answer any questions you have during your consideration of whether to engage in a transition. Evaluating your previous credits is the next step to help determine the amount of remaining credits needed for you to complete your degree. If eligible, we will also work with you on financial aid, scholarships and housing opportunities. Our main goal is to make your decision making process as seamless as possible.


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  • Degree and certificate programs available from University of Massachusetts System
  • Our four campuses - UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell - are ready to help
  • Scholarships, financial aid and housing available to those who qualify

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