UMass Online Program Spotlight: Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate

The Program. UMass Lowell’s completely online Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate is designed to prepare students to understand autism and related developmental disorders. It also gives a background in psychology, education, child care, speech and language disorders, mental health and human services.

What can you do with this degree? If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with autism, this certificate can help you make this passion into a career. With this certificate, you can become a special education teacher or an autism instruction and intervention specialist and educate families and professionals about models of behavioral intervention. If you are more inclined towards research, becoming an autism research coordinator will allow you to dive into behavioral studies. Other professions in this field include behavior clinician and a behavior consultant or therapist.

Upcoming Courses. To jump into the program, start by taking one of the courses being offered in the Fall 2015 semester, such as: Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism (47.561), Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism (47.562), and Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism (47.568).

Click here to learn more about the program and its requirements.

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